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Biofouling can increase costs and risks associated with oil and gas infrastructure operation. Effective biofouling management is possible through consideration of design, operating environment and antifouling technology selection. The Centre for Marine Biofouling and Corrosion works with clients to minimise operational costs and maintenance.

Biofouling surveys

Understanding is the first step towards effective biofouling management. 

Whether your biofouling issue is a general loss of performance and corrosion or is caused by a particular species on a specific component the first step is to identify the problem. 

A rapid biofouling survey will provide you with device specific information, describing the likely growth rates and maximum sizes of key fouling organisms and the best methods to take action to prevent or remove problematic marine growth.

The Centre has a strong track record of conducting biofouling surveys in challenging marine environments, enabling our clients to make informed decisions about the most effective way of predicting and reducing their biofouling challenges. 

Coating selection advice

Matching coating specification to the way you operate is vital to ensure your procedures remain efficient and competitive. However, robust information detailing coating performance is hard to find. 

The correct coating system and maintenance programme, tailored specifically for your operation or vessel, can prevent problematic biofouling and corrosion issues from occurring in demanding environments where intervention is costly and challenging. 

The Centre has an extensive track record in coating technology screening for specific marine environments. As an independent, expert Centre we provide impartial advice in the selection of coatings and coating maintenance programmes to ensure assets are properly protected to keep you operating safely and for longer. 

Niche area biofouling management

Failure of niche areas caused by biofouling can be operation critical and, in many cases, coatings alone do not provide adequate protection. 

Most marine operations have key components such as internal spaces, heat exchangers, connectors or sensors, which are at a higher risk from biofouling and corrosion than the surrounding infrastructure.

The Centre enables clients to identify critical areas and implement appropriate protection from biofouling issues by using the most appropriate combination of coatings and active antifouling control. 

Transporting and decommissioning of infrastructure

Guidelines for the removal of biofouling and for movements of marine infrastructure are in place to protect the marine environment from the translocation of potentially harmful non-indigenous marine organisms. 

Does your organisation meet the best practice environmental advice for dealing with biofouling? Do you know if your infrastructure is free from non-native species? If non-natives species are found on your infrastructure, do you know which mitigation steps to take and how they would affect your operation?

The Centre provides specialist advice to support oil and gas device operators during the decommissioning phase to ensure that clients can operate with confidence and demonstrate due diligence to third parties in terms of biofouling management.  

What our clients say:

- Tor M. Østervold - CEO - ECOsubsea AS

..."PML Applications Ltd were an invaluable partner in our study of the effect of marine growth on our subsea connection systems in marine energy environments. From desk-top study and professional advice, through to design of the subsea trials, and then work offshore to evaluate and report on the recovered test rig."...
- Rob Wyatt, Product Manager - Siemens Subsea

..."PML Applications Ltd were responsive and reliable, delivering an excellent quality of technical work. They were able to address the unique aspects of this project and overcame many technical challenges, ensuring that they always delivered on time and within budget. "...
- Alexis Lambourne - Materials engineer - Rolls-Royce

..."We contacted PML Applications for expert assistance in a large international dispute....PML Applications’ support was a strong factor in achieving an outstanding success in the case. I would have no hesitation in turning to PML Applications again for expert assistance."...
- Bruce Gailey - Gailey Law

..."I would highly recommend the team for their flexibility, commitment to getting the job done and their ability to deliver on time and to cost"...
- Paul Chesman - Alstom

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