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Corrosion related maintenance and failure represents one of the biggest operating costs to marine industries. To prevent corrosion effectively it is vital to understand the corrosion process and the marine environment in which this takes place. The Centre for Marine Biofouling and Corrosion helps to safeguard clients’ assets by integrating corrosion and biofouling control from the design stage and investigating novel corrosion control approaches for specific applications.

Design specification

Controlling marine corrosion risks from the outset.

Protection from biofouling and corrosion is best achieved by pre-empting how it will affect your operation and planning to reduce/eliminate its impact at the design stage.

The Centre assists clients with component design, material specification and system integration. In addition it specialises in the selection of protective coating systems compatible with clients' operating environments, enabling minimisation of corrosion related expenditure and improving reliability.

Failure analysis

Robust failure analysis leads to better design and reliability.

Preventing repeated infrastructure failures through expert analysis for marine systems and components.

Our team of experts is able to determine which corrosion mechanism causes systems to fail, enabling clients to modify their design and predict component life cycles more effectively to reduce the impact of corrosion in the future. The Centre’s failure analysis, which includes Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC), can be used either directly by its clients, or as evidence in arbitrations to meet their requirements.

Laboratory and field investigations

Catch your potential corrosion issues at design and pilot-scale. 

Bespoke experiments to enable our clients to identify and mitigate corrosion issues before entering challenging operational environments.

The Centre’s team of marine experts designs and conducts robust, pilot-scale experiments in the laboratory and the field on behalf of their clients to test novel corrosion control approaches, identify potential failure points and help to prevent critical system and component failures.

What our clients say:

..."We would like to thank PML Applications’ staff who have contributed their time and effort to support us at Sherford over the past couple of years. The service provided and reports were of a high quality which was very much appreciated by the Consortium, especially with regard to ensuring our stream water quality was at an EA compliant level. "...
- Robert Robb, Consortium Interface Manager Resident Engineer - Brookbanks Consulting Ltd

- Rob Wyatt, Product Manager - Siemens Subsea

..."PML Applications Ltd were responsive and reliable, delivering an excellent quality of technical work. They were able to address the unique aspects of this project and overcame many technical challenges, ensuring that they always delivered on time and within budget. "...
- Alexis Lambourne - Materials engineer - Rolls-Royce

..."We contacted PML Applications for expert assistance in a large international dispute....PML Applications’ support was a strong factor in achieving an outstanding success in the case. I would have no hesitation in turning to PML Applications again for expert assistance."...
- Bruce Gailey - Gailey Law

..."PML Applications, with its unique blend of marine scientists, project management skills and deep understanding of the requirements of the IMO BWT Convention represented the perfect partner to carry out this work. We will continue to work with PML in the future as new projects and challenges arise. "...
- Andrew Marshall - Coldharbour Marine

..."The professional way in which the sampling was conducted, and the detailed reports provided has given us reassurance that the system works as intended, and confidence that it will continue to meet the demanding requirements of cruise itineraries. "...
- Richard Catt - Environmental Manager - Carnival UK

..."I would highly recommend the team for their flexibility, commitment to getting the job done and their ability to deliver on time and to cost"...
- Paul Chesman - Alstom

..."PML Applications is proud to be working with Babcock International to develop novel ways of protecting marine assets from biofouling. "...
- Tom Vance, PML Applications - Babcock International

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