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Biofouling can directly affect the productivity of your aquaculture business, whether this is through cleaning of stock or maintenance of infrastructure.  The Centre provides biofouling management advice to help you minimise maintenance costs and increase the unit value of your product.

Asset cleaning and maintenance scheduling

Optimised scheduling provides the maximum interval between maintenance events giving a clear route to reducing operating costs. 

Tight operational margins and high production costs make optimum maintenance scheduling a priority for profitable aquaculture business.

Our experts have a widely recognised in-depth understanding of seasonal and annual fouling patterns. We use this information to help our clients to schedule maintenance procedures to achieve optimum operational windows and reduce maintenance costs. Applying species specific knowledge of fouling organism settlement and adhesion characteristics, the Centre provides clients with advice on the most effective cleaning techniques for specific components and infrastructure. 

Biofouling avoidance

Biofouling organisms do not all behave and respond to antifouling technology in the same way. Success or failure of biofouling management approaches can rely on species specific responses.

Identifying the key fouling organisms impacting your aquaculture operation will help you to avoid the chance of fouling during critical stages of operation.

Through applying its specialist knowledge of key fouling organisms the Centre for Biofouling and Corrosion helps clients to improve their chance of avoiding fouling during critical stages of operation.

Its experts in taxonomy can quickly identify the key species affecting a client’s business and screen antifouling technologies to help select the most appropriate technology to deter the key species, saving clients time and money. The Centre combines optimum antifouling technology selection with environmental understanding to help clients minimise the impacts of biofouling on their operation.  

Biofouling surveys

Understanding the challenges biofouling can bring to your operation.

The first step in combating costly biofouling issues in aquaculture operations is to identify the problem. Accurate species identification opens the door to biofouling avoidance strategies, optimised asset cleaning and maintenance scheduling, and effective post-harvest cleaning procedures.

For infrastructure owners and operators there is an obligation to be aware of potentially harmful marine organisms residing on equipment and to take appropriate mitigation steps where necessary.  The Centre applies its extensive taxonomic expertise to help its clients rapidly identify key biofouling organisms to ensure that operations are free from harmful marine organisms, resulting in savings to its clients in time and money. 

What our clients say:

..."We would like to thank PML Applications’ staff who have contributed their time and effort to support us at Sherford over the past couple of years. The service provided and reports were of a high quality which was very much appreciated by the Consortium, especially with regard to ensuring our stream water quality was at an EA compliant level. "...
- Robert Robb, Consortium Interface Manager Resident Engineer - Brookbanks Consulting Ltd

- Rob Wyatt, Product Manager - Siemens Subsea

..."PML Applications Ltd were responsive and reliable, delivering an excellent quality of technical work. They were able to address the unique aspects of this project and overcame many technical challenges, ensuring that they always delivered on time and within budget. "...
- Alexis Lambourne - Materials engineer - Rolls-Royce

..."We contacted PML Applications for expert assistance in a large international dispute....PML Applications’ support was a strong factor in achieving an outstanding success in the case. I would have no hesitation in turning to PML Applications again for expert assistance."...
- Bruce Gailey - Gailey Law

..."PML Applications, with its unique blend of marine scientists, project management skills and deep understanding of the requirements of the IMO BWT Convention represented the perfect partner to carry out this work. We will continue to work with PML in the future as new projects and challenges arise. "...
- Andrew Marshall - Coldharbour Marine

..."The professional way in which the sampling was conducted, and the detailed reports provided has given us reassurance that the system works as intended, and confidence that it will continue to meet the demanding requirements of cruise itineraries. "...
- Richard Catt - Environmental Manager - Carnival UK

..."I would highly recommend the team for their flexibility, commitment to getting the job done and their ability to deliver on time and to cost"...
- Paul Chesman - Alstom

..."PML Applications is proud to be working with Babcock International to develop novel ways of protecting marine assets from biofouling. "...
- Tom Vance, PML Applications - Babcock International

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