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PML Applications Ltd were an invaluable partner in our study of the effect of marine growth on our subsea connection systems in marine energy environments.  From desk-top study and professional advice, through to design of the subsea trials, and then work offshore to evaluate and report on the recovered test rig.
Their professionalism, their extensive knowledge and experience and passion really shone through.  They were able to give us advice and solutions that took the theory and observed results, and apply that to what would work on our specific products in the real-world.
They always went the extra mile. Highly recommended.

- Rob Wyatt, Product Manager

Rolls-Royce engaged with PML Applications Ltd to undertake a challenging marine engineering project. The project investigated a novel anti-fouling technology for marine propellers. The team at PML Applications Ltd were quick to appreciate the potential for this technology. They helped us evaluate and demonstrate the technology working up from test pieces up to full size components. PML Applications  Ltd undertook unique testing with bespoke test rigs to evaluate propeller fouling in a real-world marine environment. This developed the technology  from TRL 3 to TRL 6 and we are now seeking to commercialise our novel antifouling technology.
PML Applications Ltd were responsive and reliable, delivering an excellent quality of technical work. They were able to address the unique aspects of this project and overcame many technical challenges, ensuring that they always delivered on time and within budget

- Alexis Lambourne - Materials engineer

We contacted PML Applications for expert assistance in a large international dispute. The team’s expert evidence was accurate and concise. Very importantly, they made it easy to understand for a lay-person. PML Applications’ support was a strong factor in achieving an outstanding success in the case. I would have no hesitation in turning to PML Applications again for expert assistance.

- Bruce Gailey

As the ReDAPT Programme Manager in Alstom, I have worked with PML Applications for over 2 years during which time we have jointly coordinated several deployments of sample environmental paint panels onto the seabed and also attached to the Alstom 1MW tidal turbine.  I would highly recommend the team for their flexibility, commitment to getting the job done and their ability to deliver on time and to cost, having demonstrated several times on ReDAPT their creative problem solving abilities.

- Paul Chesman

PML Applications is proud to be working with Babcock International to develop novel ways of protecting marine assets from biofouling.

- Tom Vance - PML Applications

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