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Immerse virtually any surface in the sea and the fouling process will start immediately, creating engineering and environmental challenges with significant maintenance, safety and economic consequences. 

The Centre for Marine Biofouling and Corrosion delivers expert biofouling and corrosion assessments and surveys as well as extensive scientific research, development and testing for all antifouling technologies.

Offering a wide array of scientific, professional and technical skills our Centre ensures your biofouling management plan fits your requirements and any novel antifouling technology performs to its potential i.e. through our work with the coatings industry.

We specialise in:

  • Independent performance testing of antifouling technology
  • Expert evidence provision
  • Desk based reviews to determine biofouling risk levels and mitigation approaches for marine assets
  • Antifouling coating R&D
  • Hull husbandry advice and method testing
  • Independent antifouling coating selection advice
  • Corrosion assessments and failure analysis 
  • Field surveys including non-native species assessments

Hosted at PML Applications, a wholly owned subsidiary of Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML), the Centre is based in the UK with an international and expanding client base. It provides the expertise to ensure the highest standard of biofouling management for your operation. Our team of experts benefit from significant experience in biofouling services whilst also in a position to be able to call upon 4 decades of world-class research from PML.


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Tom Vance

It is very rewarding when a client increases their operational efficiency and reduces asset maintenance risks through sound biofouling management. I am proud of our excellent track record; we hold ourselves to the highest standard to continually meet industry and regulatory requirements whilst maintaining impartial scientific excellence.

- Dr Tom Vance, Business Development Manager

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Dr Tom VanceDr Tom Vance
Business Development Manager

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